The real value of any investment in management software comes from two areas. First, there is the value of the product itself but also, and most importantly, the value arising from an efficient implementation process.

In our view, it is paramount to carefully plan this step because your organization will enjoy increased return of=n investment if, after choosing a solid product, conducts a flawless implementation project.

We favor an implementation methodology based on our extended experience. We focus on the real reasons why your organization has invested or will invest in an integrated management solution, i.e., the organizational functions that you would like to improve, change, or optimize.

Our approach is simple: gaining an in-depth understanding of your business and organization which, in turn, will lead to our detailed strategic planning, fully aligned with organizational objectives. B2M Solutions will always present a plan including a budget, schedule, organizational goals, and performance metrics.

These elements serve as a guide throughout the project and evaluate the project itself.

Specifically, B2M Solutions conducts the following process before project kick-off:

  • First, we define an overall project draft strategy with the representatives of your organization;
  • Second and based on the above, we provide a work plan to achieve the agreed objectives;
  • Third, we develop a detailed plan (schedule, work teams, budget) for each implementation phase;
  • Finally, we introduce performance metrics to monitor results as we progress.