B2M use a Powerful and Flexible Web Application Load Testing solution, WebLOAD from Radview.

Fradview3_trrom hundreds, to hundreds of thousands of users, WebLOAD gives you the power to push your application to the breaking point – before your users do. With WebLOAD, you can easily and rapidly record sessions and turn them into robust test scripts that you can execute in an endless variety of realistic runtime scenarios. WebLOAD combines power and simplicity so you can achieve results fast and still solve your toughest testing challenges.

Easy to Get Started

WebLOAD’s test development environment combines the ease of recording with the power of JavaScript, so you can add custom business logic any time – without having to learn a new language.

Powerful Test Creation Tools

WebLOAD features intelligent tools for transforming recorded sessions into reliable and repeatable tests including Automatic Correlation of Dynamic Values, Code-free Parameterization, and Intelligent Validation Logic.

Realistic Load Scenarios

WebLOAD gives you the ability to simulate realistic and varied load conditions up for an unlimited number of users with a variety of scripts, browsers, network characteristics and schedules.

Actionable Intelligence

WebLOAD transforms client and server-side data collected during test execution into actionable intelligence that you can use to improve the performance of your application.

Mobile Recording and Playback

With WebLOAD, you can test your applications in mobile, multi-device environments. You can record directly from the mobile device or from a simulator. During test execution, you can mix different browser types and connection speeds to accurately simulate real conditions.

Cloud Load Generation

WebLOAD enables you to leverage the elasticity of the cloud to achieve load peaks without hardware investment. It puts the power of the cloud at your fingertips with seamless load generation on Amazon EC2.

The WebLOAD Advantage

  • 20 years of load testing experience – WebLOAD is both mature and stable
  • Simple test creation – Web recording, automatic correlation of dynamic values
  • Highly Scalable – Hundreds of thousands of virtual users
  • Enterprise Solution – Robust functionality, proven track record
  • Powerful and Flexible – test scripts use JavaScript
  • Mobile Support – Record and playback
  • Amazon Web Services integration – Load generation in the cloud
  • Intuitive analytics – Automatic bottleneck detection
  • World class technical support – Expert help, personal attention